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Frequently Asked Questions


Question: What is the EXIT shock policy?

Answer: We recommend a shock service every 2,000-2,500 miles. An EXIT Shock service will start at $65 per shock but can increase based on the condition of the shock when received by our Shock Technicians. Our Technicians will perform an evaluation of the condition of the shock when received and at that time will determine the service rate. EXIT Shocks are also covered under a lifetime manufacturer defect warranty, all details of our warranty policy can be found at this LINK.

Question: How to adjust preload? (snow and dirt)

Answer: On top of your spring stack, there is a threaded nut that you can thread up or down the shock body. To start at zero pre-load, you will want to twist the preload collar to the top spring to where it is contacting the top of the spring, the springs should not rattle and should be snug. We measure pre-load by revolutions, and we recommend 4-6 revolutions to start out with. You can add more as needed to achieve your desired ride height.

Question: How do I adjust the camber on my ZBROZ A-arm equipped UTV?

Answer: When setting camber, we prefer it to be around 0 degrees to -1.25 degrees. If you need less camber, remove the shim spacers until it is at the desired camber. If you need more camber, add shim spacers to the outside of the ball joint housing. For reference, please refer to your installation instructions or revisit those at

Question: What is ZBROZ Return Policy?

Answer: ZBROZ has a 60-day Ride Guarantee where you have 60 days to test the product and make sure that it suits you well. If within those 60 days you find that it is not a good fit, give us a call at 435-753-7774 and we can begin the return/refund process.

Question: What is a manufacturer defect?

Answer: A manufacture defect would consist of any failure that can be traced back to a manufacturer defect/imperfection causing a product to fail or break for example: a cracked weld, or weak threads, etc. Our warranty does not cover damaged items due to improper installation or the willful destruction of the product. We do not warranty items that were damaged due to a crash or irregular impact. (ROLLING, IMPACTS WITH SOLID OBJECTS, TREES, OR LARGE ROCKS) Damage caused by other products failing is not covered in this warranty. This warranty is only valid to the original owner, and a sales order, receipt, or invoice will be required to process the warranty.

Question: How do I measure ride height?

Answer: First, ensure your vehicle is on a flat or even surface. To measure front ride height, measure from the ground to the bottom side of the frame, just below the rear pivot tube of the lower a-arm. To measure ride height in the rear, measure from the ground to the underside of the frame just below the rear radius rod gusset plate. We recommend all Vehicles should sit with a level ride height front to rear.

Question: Why should I buy ZBROZ products vs. other suspension Brands?

Answer: ZBROZ backs our product with a lifetime manufacturer defect warranty and also have a 60-day rider guarantee (see number 4). We also make it a priority to only use the highest quality materials in building our products which means our products are less likely to break and will outperform OEM stock parts.

Question: What is a progressive tender spring and how does it work?

Answer: A Progressive Tender Spring essentially gets stronger as it is compressed. At full extension it is rated at 800 pounds, and it can compress all the way up to a 1,600-pound rating.

Question: How long is ZBROZ shock build times generally?

Answer: Shock build time typically is about 2 to 3 weeks from the time the order is placed, but depending on order volume, could end up being in the 4 to 5 weeks.

Question: What is the rebound and compression adjustment on the shocks and how do they work?

Answer: The rebound adjustment helps with how quickly your shock rebounds after being compressed, this adjustment is available on our X2 option of shocks. You can find this adjustment towards the bottom of your shock; it is a gold ring that you can twist. We recommend counting the number of clicks that the adjustment has and going back halfway as a good starting point. The compression adjustment helps with how quickly your shock compresses when riding your vehicle. This adjustment is available on our X1 and X2 shock options. The compression adjustment is a little gold knob on top of the external reservoir. To get to a good starting point for compression, count the number of clicks that it has and go back half of those clicks.