Zbroz Racing offers High Performance Suspension Products and Accessories to take your riding to the next level.  Designed and built to exceed OEM parts in Durability, Product Features and Weight

Zbroz Racing A-Arm Kits are unmatched in the industry.  Built from chromoly tube, hand welded and finished with a durable powder coated finish.  Developed with a Maximum Ground Clearance Design to clear rocks, branches or trees that would normally catch and bend your A-Arm.  All Zbroz Racing A-Arm Kits are built in Logan, Utah USA.

Zbroz Racing Spring Kits dial in the performance of OEM Shocks.  Our Single Spring Rate, Dual Spring Rate and Triple Spring Rate combinations will provide more Comfort, Control, Response and Bottoming Resistance than the standard OEM Spring Rates.

Zbroz Racing EXIT Shocks are the ultimate in Ride Quality, Control, Performance and Durability.  Built with Billet Shock Bodies, Piggyback Reservoirs and Remote Reservoirs.  Features include adjustable Pre-Load, High Flow Piston, Precise Valving, High Tensile Springs, Low Stiction High Temperature Seals, optional Adjustable Compression and Rebound and more.  All EXIT Shocks are custom build per customer requirements, snowmobile model and weight.

Polaris RMK AXYS Lower Ball Joint (2016-2020)


Polaris RMK AXYS Upper Ball Joint (2016-2020)


Polaris RMK AXYS Traverse Billet Offset Spindle Kit (2019-2020)


Polaris RMK Billet Offset Spindle Kit (2016-2022)


Polaris RMK AXYS Dual Rate Spring Kit 36" A-Arm Width (2016-2021)


Polaris RMK AXYS/KHOAS AXYS Front Bumper (2016-2022)


Polaris RMK AXYS X1 EXIT Center Shock (2019-2022)


Polaris RMK AXYS X0 EXIT Center Shock (2019-2020)


XO-IFP Center Shock (2019-2020)


Polaris RMK X1 EXIT Rear Shock (2016-2022)


Polaris RMK AXYS K.I.S.S. Coupler Bracket (2016-2020)


Polaris RMK AXYS 36" Chromoly A-Arm Kit (2016-2018)