Polaris Pro RMK 36" Dual Rate Spring Kit (2011-2015)


Polaris Pro RMK 36" Dual Rate Spring Kit (2011-2015)




Application:  Polaris Pro RMK (2011-2015)

Spring Kits are one of the most under rated suspension upgrades you can make.  Stock springs are too soft for most larger riders and too soft for aggressive riders. Don't let a one-size-fit-all suspension setup limit your riding experience and progression.

By using our higher quality springs that have more progression, your Walker Evans shocks will deliver Race Inspired Performance, Control and Bottoming Resistance. Along with  Plusher Ride experience for Mountain Trail Riding, Backcountry Boondocking, Extreme Backcountry and Competitive Racing.  

We offer 2 different weight range options when ordering to dial you in to the best rider weight + sled weight = improved cornering, small bump compliance, smoother compression/rebound force transfer, added bottoming resistance and overall control.

Kit Includes:

- (2) Progressive Main Springs

- (2) Progressive Tender Springs

- (2) Delrin Spring Dividers

- (2) Upper Spring Retainers

- (2) Lower Spring Retainers


Zbroz Racing products are fulfilled per order on a first come first serve basis. We strive to fulfil all orders within 48 hours. Should a backorder condition result you will be notified and we will fulfil your order as quickly as possible. If placing an order for a Zbroz Racing Exit Shock product. Please know they are custom built to order and depending upon demand can take 4 weeks or longer to supply. Zbroz Racing products are built to last and exceed your expectations with quality, performance and durability in mind. Should you have any questions or concerns please contact us at customerservice@zbrozracing.com. Thanks again for your order and we look forward serving your off-road needs.

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Polaris Pro RMK 36" Dual Rate Spring Kit (2011-2015)